Ia Betlemidze



Real Estate Agent


What do you get when you combine a creative designer and marketing specialist with a real estate professional? A seasoned all in one realtor who will provide the best marketing service to sellers or find you a new home that’s exactly what you dreamed of.

For more than a decade, Ia has been a digital marketing manager at New Jersey’s most trusted Real Estate Company. Soon, she found herself in love with the real estate field and became passionate about helping people with all of their real estate needs to achieve their goals. Her deep understanding of architecture and design helps buyers visualise the home from a different perspective to reveal its full potential. As a sophisticated designer and a marketing specialist, she can assist sellers in styling and staging their homes, and market it in the most strategic way that will lead to the successful closing. The world is moving forward, times are changing and with a desire to help people we are offering astonishing sellers programs with only 3% total commission rate.